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Pot Recycling

At Branch Nursery we want to help reduce the amount of plastic in landfills. Bring in your nursery and garden pots and we will reuse or recycle them.


We are particularly interested in reusing our own pots.  Once you have planted a new tree, shrub, or perennial, PLEASE bring back your pot and put it in our recycling bin. (If we are not open, leave it outside the gate.)

If you have any garden pots that you're not using, bring them in.  We accept all kinds of pots in usable condition (minor wear and tear OK!).  We will reuse any pots we can, particularly the LARGE ONES for trees and shrubs. 
We will find new homes for pots and planters that we cannot use ourselves.  Reused pots have helped people grow veggies on their patios; move perennials to new homes; and breathe new life into overgrown perennials and houseplants across central Minnesota.

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