Hardy Fruits


We like plants that provide food perennially, meaning they come back year after year.  These are some of our favorite berries, fruits and veggies that survive Minnesota winters and can be grown in the sand of Chisago county.

Trees are available in different sizes and forms, depending on the time of year. 

  1. ”Bare Root” trees are available in April & May only (usually through Mother's Day).

  2. Container grown and B&B (ball & burlap) trees are available March-November.  ​

Varieties of fruit trees we stock are listed below.  Stocks are limited, don't be disappointed by another early bird. CONTACT US to reserve your favorite variety.

Small Fruits

aronia - black chokeberry

aronia - viking

asparagus - mary washington

bearberry - michigan

blueberry - highbush

blueberry - jersey

blueberry - nelson

blueberry - northcountry

blueberry - northland

blueberry - patriot

blueberry - polaris

blueberry - st cloud

cherry - bush - "jan"

cherry - bush - "joel"

chokecherry - common

cranberry - ben lear

currant - black consort

currant - red lake

elderberry - black

elderberry - black johns

elderberry - black bob gordon

gojiberry - phoenix tears

gooseberry - hinnomaki red

grape - beta

grape - frontenac

grape - itasca yellow

grape - unknown

grape - valiant

haskap - czeck 17

haskap - indigo

haskap - tundra




juneberry - regent

juneberry - saskatoon alnifolia

kiwi - anna

kiwi - arctic beauty

kiwi - meader

lingonberry - linnea

raspberry - anna red groundcover

raspberry - anne golden

raspberry - black pequot

raspberry - fallgold

rhubarb - canada red

Container grown stock (please note: prices are indicative and subject to change)

Fruit Trees ($39-$99.95, smaller to larger, bare-root trees [list on left] only available in early spring)


  • Beacon, Fireside, Honeygold, Connel Red, Cortland, Halared, Hazen, Honeycrisp, Red Prairie Spy, Sweet 16, Wodarz, Frostbite, Goodland, Kinder Krisp, McIntosh, Red Regent, Snowsweet, State Fair, Yellow Transparent, Zestar!


  • Scout, Brookcot


  • Evan's Bali, Meteor, Mesabi

Crabapple (eating! for ornamentals, see our "trees" page)​

  • Centennial, Chestnut, Witney


  • Black Ice, Alderman, Superior, Toka, Waneta, Mt. Royal, Pembina, Pipestone


  • Early Gold, Golden Spice, Patten, Parker, Summercrisp

PLEASE NOTE: Prices are indicative, sometimes changes are made at the nursery without telling the webmistress.  If you find a price on the website that does not match the marked price at the nursery, please tell us!